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I am a newer resident of Dover, and I was very disappointed to find close to moving to my new home that bus services and availability were reduced. Public transportation was something I was hoping to use more frequently than I am able now, both because I am still learning to drive and to save money that otherwise would have to go towards car ownership. Do you have any thoughts or plans on how to increase the frequency/services of public transportation in Dover?


Dover’s public transportation is served by COAST (Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation), which provides transportation to seacoast communities in New Hampshire and Maine. COAST is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is funded by donations and grants.

COAST provides valuable public transportation services to residents of Dover, and there’s a growing demand for more. This need was recently amplified by a driver staffing shortage that was resolved earlier this year.

Dover has recently voted to join the Statewide Transportation Coalition, partnering with COAST and the New Hampshire Transit Association. The aim is to enhance the availability of public transportation in Dover and supplement the $7.7 million awarded to Dover in 2022 for constructing a new facility.

This work must persist, and I believe that Dover needs to adopt a broader perspective regarding transportation and the evolving nature of personal vehicle ownership. There are specific measures that Dover can implement to make the city more commutable, alleviate traffic congestion on roads, and respect taxpayer interests.

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